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I believe that every individual has things in life that they enjoy and excel at. I also believe that every individual also has their own personal physical and mental barriers to overcome. My role is to assist those I come in contact with to overcome their barriers, and find the path to living the life they want.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Working with adults who know they need to make changes in their lifestyles, or adhere to an exercise programme, or diet, but are unsure how to break their current habits of living.

Life Balance for High Achieving Youth

mindhealth offer mental skills coaching for high achieving youth (13 to 25 years) and their families to decrease the amount of pressure that can come with unrelenting high standards high achievers expect of themselves.

About Me

After working full time in the fitness industry for a number of years, I realised that the true path to health and fitness is in the mind and that each person needs to understand the diet, exercise, and motivation that works best for them as an individual. Following 6 years studying psychology through Massey University and The Open Polytechnic, I formed mindhealth, with the aim of helping individuals to discover their barriers to making the changes necessary for living a healthy, happy life and exploring strategies to overcoming these barriers.

Articles and Thoughts

Articles and thoughts on various health, mind and fitness subjects.


Imagery, or visualisation, not just for the elite Imagery, or visualisation, has been used by elite athletes for a number of years to tweak their athletic performance closer to the level of perfection many of them desire. This psychological strategy…


SMARTER Goal Setting – I Have a Dream

When it comes to setting goals, we are all different in the level of intensity and focus we put into it. Some will set aside a day at the beginning of each year to document and plan their goals, others…



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